Capital Credits

Please check out this short video that helps explain how Capital Credits work .

As a cooperative member, you own the system that serves you.

BEC is operated on a not-for-profit basis. Capital credits, or margins, are to a cooperative what profits are to a private business. A margin is any money left over after all operating costs have been paid. As a cooperative member-owner, part of that margin belongs to you. The more electricity you’ve paid for, the greater your share of the margin.

So that former members may receive their capital credit checks, it’s important that address changes are reported to BEC. Each year you will receive an allocation notice informing you of credits applied to your capital credit account.

Capital credits are retained until the board of directors authorize payment. Under BEC’s capital credit policy, heirs may settle the capital credit account of deceased members.

To claim capital credits, please download and complete the corresponding form below, submit a valid driver’s license or obituary and email to